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Backbone supplies structure to JavaScript-heavy applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling.

backbone-parse-es6 is an extension to backbone-es6 which is a fork of Backbone converting and modularizing it into idiomatic ES6. The impetus for this fork is to experiment with modernizing and making Backbone easier to modify in a granular fashion. In particular the Parse JS SDK (http://www.parse.com) previously also was a fork of Backbone, but with the 1.6+ SDK release the Backbone API was unceremoniously removed. backbone-es6 provides the base for backbone-parse-es6 which provides a solution for Backbone dependent Parse users.

Another reason for backbone-parse-es6 is supporting end to end documentation via ESDoc for ES6 frameworks and apps built on top of backbone-parse-es6. An integrated build and testing NPM module typhonjs-npm-build-test including several plugins for ESDoc along with a complete integrated set of Gulp tasks, typhonjs-core-gulptasks provide documentation generation across multiple modules / source roots via JSPM along with ESLint and several JSPM & NPM tasks.

backbone-parse-es6 uses JSPM / SystemJS for dependency management and bundling distributions. For an example of using JSPM / SystemJS directly with backbone-parse-es6 including typhonjs-core-gulptasks support please see these demo repos:

This repository contains several pre-packed downloads in the dist/ directory. There are AMD, CJS, UMD and Global distributions that contain the backbone-parse-es6 and Parse libraries. The "global-inclusive" bundle includes the latest Parse (1.8.4), jQuery (2.2.3) and Underscore (1.8.3) libraries.

API documentation can be found online here: http://docs.typhonjs.io/typhonjs-backbone-parse/backbone-parse-es6/

For original Backbone Docs, License, Tests, pre-packed downloads, see: http://backbonejs.org

To suggest a feature or report a bug: https://github.com/typhonjs-backbone-parse/backbone-parse-es6/issues

Many thanks to DocumentCloud & all Backbone contributors.

Backbone (c) 2010-present Jeremy Ashkenas, DocumentCloud and Investigative Reporters & Editors

backbone-parse-es6 (c) 2015-present Michael Leahy, TyphonRT Inc.

Parse JS SDK (c) 2015-present Parse / Facebook

backbone-parse-es6 may be freely distributed under the MPL v2.0 license.