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Provides module / individual file oriented AST processing for typhonjs-escomplex complexity reports. The following JS AST generators are supported / tested: acorn, babylon, espree, esprima. Any compliant JS parser that supports Babylon or ESTree AST should work as well.

More information forthcoming. This NPM module can be installed as a dependency in package.json as follows:

"dependencies": {
  "typhonjs-escomplex-module": "^0.0.9"

An ES6 example follows:

import escomplexModule from 'typhonjs-escomplex-module';

const ast = <some parsed AST>;

const report = escomplexModule.analyze(ast);

A CJS example follows:

var escomplexModule = require('typhonjs-escomplex-module');

var ast = <some parsed AST>;

var report = escomplexModule.analyze(ast);